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/program /13-19 June

Yoga | Meditation
Dana Nedelcu & Virginia Negru
- optional - Studio 1 -
Intensive class
Ulli Witterman / Alexandra Soshnikova & Serghei Golovnya
Studio 1 / Studio 2
10 am
Dance dates
Eat & Rest. It's good.
Workshop A
Sveta Bird / Sasha Dodo
Studio 1 / Studio 2
Workshop B
Stan Potoku /
Amalia Strinopoulou
Studio 1 / Studio 2
in the park
- eat & rest -
the City
Teachers talk
Studio 3
Contact Q&A
Drum circle
guided by Stan
Studio 3
Studio 3
Studio 3
Studio 3
Studio 3

/late Jammers

If you cannot participate in the festival during the day you can still come to the Jams. We will have Jams each day during the festival from 19:30 to 21:30 or more if you have energy. Please announce us if this is your case.


We can offer our place and our friend's couches as a home for the festival duration. We also have a community place where you can sleep on the mattresses, so please announce us if you are ok with this. If you need more privacy and want to use a hotel or a hostel please tell us if you need help to find one.


Studio 1 : Palatul Universul, 5th floor
Studio 2 : Palatul Universul, 8th floor (Hotpod Yoga room)
Studio 3 : Scoala Ferdinand I (see map for public transportation)

/Ulli Wittemann

The Passion for Moving has drawn Ulli to new directions since he was a child - from Couple Dance and Hip Hop as a teenager over many years of different Martial Arts forms (Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing and Boxing) he finally fell in love with Contact Improvisation during his actors studies in 2001. After more than 1000 shows in eight years on the theater he decided to change his focus to sharing his ideas in CI, Acting, Awareness and Communication. In recent years he taught Intensives, Workshops and Classes all over Europe, Turkey, Israel/Palestine and India and teaches regularly at the Free Music Center in Munich.
He is one of the Founders and Organizers of the Tempelhof Contactfestival and the Conscious Flow Festival.

Roots and Wings (Intensive class - 3h/ 14,15,16,17,18 of June)

"In this Intensive I would like to share a tasty cocktail of qualities and exercises, which I find helpful and enjoy using while dancing CI. Starting by connecting with our own body on the floor we will find our way into the air flying on a partner. The effective use of our body structure, exploring our inner butterfly and opening our body to new directions will give our dance more diversity and ease. How can I support also partners, who are bigger than me, in an easy and effortless way? How can I feel light and relaxed when I'm flying? Which qualities invite these "magic moments" into our dancing? We will work on those and other questions with clearly structured exercises and free scores. Let's work, play and grow together!"

/Alexandra Soshnicova
& Sergey Golovnea

Alexandra and Serghei started their collaboration in 1997, in a modern dance group "Voices", under the direction of Angela Doniy. They became a duet 2000. Since then they dance, improvise, teach, and choreograph together. They take part in international projects performing and teaching. Together they organize international projects and festivals in Moldova. They organized 6 international festivals: "Impulse to grow" in 2000, "Traditions and modernity" in 2001, "Phenomenon of relations" and "Gender and cultural Identity in dance" in April and September 2003, 5th international festival "Interaction" in 2006, "Children and adults, points of intersection" in 2009. They are guiding weekly jams of Contact Improvisation, and a continuous series of master classes and events of contemporary dance choreography In Moldova.
They are also the leaders of contemporary and folk dance school "Fantezia" in Chisinau, choreographers and dancers of contemporary dance and performance group "Voices".
Teaching geography: Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Israel, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Italy, France.

"The depth comes from the ease" (Intensive class - 3h/14,15,16,17,18 of June)

If you feel stuck in your dance routine, in a certain technique of movement or if you feel that you keep repeating the same pattern of approaching your dance, we invite you to discover how bringing Contact Improvisation into your dance practice can open a new dimension of feeling your body and it's relation to space and others, can refine your vision and your capacity to adapt sensibly to any slight change in the environment that you are dancing in.
What makes our dance visible? How something inside gives the birth to something outside and vice versa? What does the quality of dance depends on? - on the feeling of the spatial and temporal states on our capacity to listen? How much is the partner ready to offer, accept, change the position and the situation in the creation of the dance? Is there a possibility to enjoy and at the same time to control the play of different levels of nearness (horizontal and vertical)?
These are just a few questions...
During our time together we will try to get closer to the answers…
Or maybe... you will find totally new answers, surprising discoveries, which are personal for each of you.
The class will include work with improvisational structures that will allow you to access a variety of possibilities of movement, we will emphasise on the transfer of the internal state into the external and vice versa, we will observe others and be observed to see how this impacts our dance, we will do a lot of partner work and learn to offer, to receive, or change partner's proposals, we will access the memory of the body and bring it into the present moment to transform it into a unique and coherent movement expression.

/Sveta Bird

Teacher of contact improvisation, ballet master in the field of modern dance, a professional dancer, performer. Organizer of Kyiv CI International Festival 2009-2014. Teacher and activist of the Kiev CI Club since 2008. 9 years of regular practice of CI in different countries (Ukraine, Russia,Spain, Germany, Finland, Poland, Moldova, Brazil, and others.) Since 2008, teaches CI in Ukraine. She studied with many teachers of the CI throughout the word. The names of those that influenced most on her development: Andrew Harwood, Nita Little, Daniel Lepkof, Ruslan Santa, Mirva Making, Otto Akkanen, Nancy Stark Smith, Adrian Russi, Benno Voorham, Brenton Cheng and others. Participated in performances in various projects, including the ones with Ruslan Santah, Andrew Harwood, Benno Voorham, Steve Butts. Before meeting with CI, from 7 to 21 years, she studied dance in several dance bands, show ballet Kiev, including State Folk Dance Ensemble P. Virsky. Experienced dancer and teacher in various dance styles, from academic (classical, folk dance, modern, modern jazz, contemporary, contact improvisation) to subcultural (hip-hop, salsa, tango, etc.). "I continue to dance, learn and share. CI inspires me again and again. I love life in CI and CI in life."

Nothing Extra (Workshop - 2,5h/14, 15, 16 of June)

"From the movement forms we will try to come to the understanding of the CI principles. Using the principles we will build the movement forms. "Do less" - is one of the focuses of the workshop. Doing less with the body. Doing less with the mind. It's about honest bodily response that occurs in the movement, in dance, in space. As in any learning process when it comes to the moment to "do less», we have to work «hard» at first. Just like always, when you leave your zone of comfort to learn. I think, in contact improvisation, I rather unlearn to do what is already in my base movement than learning to do something new. Could it be that if the "body-mind" is clean from patterns caused by previous experience - then teaching contact improvisation will not be needed? I do not know ... Question gradually moving toward esoteric realms. To be honest, I do not like to write the descriptions of the classes…:) You never know.."

/Sasha Dodo

Sasha Dodo is an organiser of events associated with creative work. Teacher of contact improvisation and performance since 2011 in Ukraine and Russia. He studied from such teachers as: Ruslan Baranov (Ukraine), Nita Little (USA), Angelica Donii (Russia), Alexandra Sochnikova and Sergey Golovnya (Moldova), Benno Voorham (Sweden), Bruno Caverna (Brazil), Kea Tonetti (Italy), and others. Selected works:
"Сейчастье / Seichastie" - festival of spontaneous creativity 2012-2014, Center of Spontaneous Creativity Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine
"INCI" - festival of contact improvisation and video performance 2013-2014, Crimea
"Kwammanga" - international workshop of contact improvisation, 2015, Anapa, Russia
"Contact Impro College" - international college of contact improvisation, 2015-2016, Center of Spontaneous Creativity Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine
"Art Continuum" - festival-laboratory dedicated to the creation of short films, 2015-2016, Crimea

Dance of Not-Knowing (Workshop - 2,5h/14, 15, 16 of June)

Not-knowing is often avoided by moving away from a present moment to the familiar circumstances, to the past experience, desires and goals. It is not necessary to focus only on things we know, it limits our dance and our live. Each and everyone chooses for himself what is dance and what one needs to fully enjoy it. We do not have to decide. It is not necessary to define, to limit the dance in order to dance. It would be very nice if the platform for our dance was not-knowing. So the original depth could be preserved regardless of the forms, learned tricks and mastered techniques. When there is depth, learning different techniques runs efficiently, a new experience is integrated into the body easier, without unnecessary stress and with a clear link to what is happening. When we dance there maybe no goal to be like someone, be better than someone. We can see how much our dance changes when familiar guidelines are lost. We can orient on what is happening in the present moment, not following our desires. We can continuously remain in not-knowing together, not-doing, but be present, observing how one flows into the other, how dance dancing itself from inside of us. Seeing the dance for what it is and not as we used to see it. Not-knowing is an environment, staying in it - changes us, we become broader and deeper, go beyond the usual boundaries, it is immediately reflected in the quality of movement, interaction with the partner and space. All becomes not so straightforward, becomes ever-changing, fresh and unpredictable. Consciously or unconsciously our body already knows a lot about how you should act in a given situation. It actually shows us our past experience in each dance. Being in not-knowing we can see it, extend past experience to the present size, play with the new features."

/Stan Potoku

- musician, psychologist and traveler -
Looking into your own eyes is very important to stay alive... To follow the flow of your truth. To feel the authenticity of your intentions. To follow your inner song. To dance yourself without unnecessary thoughts and desire to please others.
When it's warm outside I like to take a backpack, musical instruments and to go for a trip. It could be a hiking in the mountains or a hitchhiking to another country.
Carefully observing the circumstances that life offers I love to play and invite others to play with me. In my life happened: theatrical activity, psychological education, spontaneous dancing, hiking, traveling, street music, states of altered consciousness ... experiences which invite you to look deeper into yourself. Looking into my truth I saw a house of songs. The source of inspiration and strength. I invite you to look into yourself and find a vivid music of your Soul.

Natural singing. Liberation of the body. (Workshop - 2,5h/ 17, 18 of June)

The natural singing comes from the depths of our hearts, from our intuitive nature. It’s about opening your voice by paying attention to its uniqueness and giving an opportunity to express its natural beauty and power. That is why in the Natural singing we find so much juicy flavour and authenticity. Life flows without barriers. Dignity and grace come out trough the natural singing.
What will happen in the workshop?
Using methods that I discovered we gradually will begin to utter sounds out of the depth of our being. Going deeper into the process we will learn to listen to ourselves and to others, turning off the stream of unnecessary thoughts. We will create a field of mutual acceptance, care and respect. Connecting to our inner nature, we allow ourselves to get involved into the game, to be sincere and sensitive. Using special exercises and games we will come back to our intuitive wisdom and ability to act spontaneously, to follow our true interests. We will sing with all our hearts. And when the heart sings, new possibilities to move the whole body open up. During the class we will awaken our freedom to sound and try to bring this quality into the dancing space.

/Amalia Strinopoulou

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer.
Born in Greece, studied dance, classical and modern dance (Limon technique ) in the USA. As a classical dancer danced with the "New Mexico Ballet Company", in Albuquerque New Mexico, with the "Metro dance" company in Madison Wisconsin, and with "Experimental ballet "Giannis Metsis, in Athens Greece. As a modern dancer danced with "Hellenic Horodrama" Rallou Manou, in Athens. As a dance instructor she held a professional dance school in Thessaloniki Greece, she taught many seminars in Greece and the USA. As a choreographer had her own dance group "Horokytaro" with which she choreographed mainly Ancient Greek pieces, as she is particularly attracted to them and toured all over Greece and many other countries.

Dance Improvisation based on Limon technique (Workshop - 13:30 - 16:00 on 17,18 June)

This workshop is addressed especially but not exclusively to professional dancers that want to bring classical themes and ways of movement into contemporary improvisation forms and performances. It will focus on dramatic, expressionistic movement, based on Limon technique. Specifically we are going to explore a work by Euripides ' " Troyan women". We are going to attempt to express profound feelings of anger and despair of all those who are forced to abandon their homes chased by the war. Emotion is actual, conflict is actual.. we will explore actuality as a starting point for improvised dance and contemporary performance.

/Dana Nedelcu

Dana Nedelcu started with the yoga in 2004 in Bucharest. In 2012 she began a regular Hatha yoga practice in the UK in order to heal hip and knee injuries and a bad back that came with completing a degree in Art History and Theory. She was inspired by yoga’s power of healing both the body and the mind and successfully undertook a Yoga Alliance-accredited teacher training course with Yoga London which came with a holistic understanding of the science of yoga.

She also completed a teacher training with David Swenson, a renowned Ashtanga teacher whose lineage goes back to Pathabi Jois (founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) and studied with many great teachers such as yin yoga with Sarah Powers, yoga for fertility and menstrual health with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga sequencing with Susanne Lahusen and Graham Burns, vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea, forrest yoga with Ana Forrest, Jivamukti with Rachel Middleton, Nova Milesko, Sybille Pouzet and many more.Her teaching is inspired by the different styles of hatha yoga she has practised, mainlyAshtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow. These styles create heat in the body in orderto allow it to increase movement, it develops strength and it is detoxifying bothphysically and mentally. On the other hand, she is informed by taoism and healingweaker organs by moving the energy into them through yin yoga postures. It also draws inspiration from many books on health and well being, anatomy, alignment, movement therapy and transcendental psychology.

Dana is a constant student of yoga herself and she also loves practicing with kids, mums and will study more about pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing soon!

/Virginia Negru

dancer and yoga practitioner
Studies her body since she was born. Dances Contact Improvisation since 2006 with Stephen Batts and Ursula Laeubli, Benno Voorhan and Sybrig Dokter, Alexandra Soshnikova and Serghei Golovnya, Cyrus Khambatta, Nora Hajos, Nancy Stark Smith. Practices yoga since 2011 with IndiCat Yoga. Organised Contact Improvisation workshops in Bucharest and Chisinau. Currently teaches CI classes and guides yoga sessions in Bucharest. Lives by the motto "My life is my art" :P


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Negru Virginia

Oana Baluta

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